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Cannabis buyers beware

Police will intensify their hunt for people buying marijuana over the following two weeks

March 20th, 2014 11:50 am| by admin

Copenhagen Police announced today on Thursday that they are targeting people who purchase cannabis from dealers in the city.

"We have no problem letting the buyers know that we are targeting them over the next 14 days. In fact, we have already started," police spokesperson Jørgen Skov told Politiken newspaper.

Time to raid customers
The police launched a massive raid last week, arresting 80 people and confiscating huge amounts of cannabis in the freetown Christiania and at more than 150 addresses across Zealand, but now their attention is switching to the customers.

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Hunting down the buyers, police contend, will let them know there's a risk involved in purchasing cannabis.

"It's not like we think we can keep them all away, but they should be aware that it’s unsafe to buy," Skov said.