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Christiania receives ultimatum – again

City Council give Christiania two weeks to demolish contentious woodshed blocking planned bike-path.

November 6th, 2014 10:35 am| by admin

Christiania has once again been ordered to demolish a woodshed in the way of a proposed cycle path through the free-state. 

The second ultimatum came as the City Council looks to press on with the completion of a the route to link up Amager and Christianshavn with the city centre.

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Ongoing opposition
Christiania has vehemently opposed the project for seven years, but now it seems the City Council has finally lost its patience. 

"Copenhagen City Council calls upon the Christiania Foundation to demolish the woodshed located at Midtdyssen 30," states a letter from the council to Christiania.

"The deadline is set for 23:59 on Wednesday 19 November 2014."

If Christiania exceeds the deadline, the council will demolish the shed anyway and send the bill to the free-state.

The foundation met on Tuesday night to discuss the ultimatum, and its chairman, Knud Foldschack, has in turn put forward a counter-proposal to the City Council in which he suggests slight changes to the route of the path. 

These changes include moving two planned bridges a few metres whilst adding a couple of extra turns to the route.

The changes would aid congestion caused by bicycle traffic, which Christiania fears will impact upon safety within the community.

Responsibility of neighbourhood within Christiania
Foldschack would like to see the shed demolished, but says that it is the ultimate responsibility of Midtdyssen, a neighbourhood within Christiania.

"I hope Christiania decides to demolish the shed as it would pave the way for the alternative solution I have proposed," Foldschack told Politiken.

The Christiania Foundation will meet again on November 18 to resolve any pending issues regarding the ultimatum.