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Cocaine users turn themselves in

After cops bust mobile cocaine suppliers, customers give themselves up

December 30th, 2013 10:20 am| by admin

Customers who ordered cocaine via text message from two recently-busted suppliers are turning themselves in rather than waiting for Copenhagen Police to bring them in for questioning.

The cops say that they have the names of around 200 people who had coke or ecstasy delivered to them via the ‘white messengers’.

Customers would text that they wanted to buy cocaine or ecstasy, and couriers would deliver the drugs.

With two couriers in custody, police have turned their attention to the customers who they have tracked down by monitoring the phone numbers. Since the arrests were announced, several customers have offered to come in for questioning.

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“There could be any number of reasons why they are coming in on their own,” Steffen Thaaning Steffensen of the Copenhagen Police's organised crime division told Politiken newspaper. “Some may have used their work phone to order drugs and want to avoid having us come to their workplace.”

Those customers who have not contacted police may be getting a knock on the door after the New Year.

“We haven’t decided whether we will bring them in or fine them, but we believe we have enough evidence to charge them,” said Steffensen.