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Pia Allerslev swaps culture out with children

December 2nd, 2013 10:42 am| by admin

Pia Allerlev (V) has chosen to become Copenhagen’s deputy mayor for children and youth after almost two weeks of deliberations.

Allerslev will assume control of the administration in January following six years as the deputy mayor for culture and leisure.

The city has seven administrations that are divided between the political parties. The parties' respective leaders become the administration’s deputy mayor according to their share of the vote.

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Long deliberation

In the hours following the November 19 election, Mayor Frank Jensen (S) struck a deal to remain in the city's top post and Enhedslisten’s lead candidate Morten Kabell took control of the technical and environmental affairs administration immediately after.

Allerslev was given the third pick, but took her time to determine how her party Venstre – the largest opposition party in City Hall – could exert the most influence.

She eventually settled on the children and youth administration and has already promised to tackle the school system’s discipline issues.

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Back to basics
“I am going to challenge the prevailing softie approach,” Allerslev, a trained school teacher, told Politiken newspaper. “It’s a fight over values but also a battle for the schools. Twenty-five percent of Copenhagen’s children attend a private school. It’s about being able to choose the local school without being afraid that your child won’t learn enough. My focus is on the learning content and on social security, not making 'green schools' or other sideline issues. We’re going back to basics.”

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Next in line to choose an administration is Radikale’s Anna Mee Allerslev, who is expected to stay on as the deputy mayor for integration and employment, followed by SF’s Ninna Thomsen, who is also expected to continue as deputy mayor for health and care.

Dansk Folkeparti’s mayoral candidate Carl Christian Ebbesen will then have the pick of either the social affairs administration or the culture and leisure administration.

Four Socialdemokraterne candidates are competing for the remaining deputy mayor post.