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Local Round-Up: Another explosion rocks Greater Copenhagen

There’s two ways to hurt a structure: just ask the construction workers who started dismantling a Vesterbro chimney considered worthy of conservation

Could there be a connection to the blast outside Nørrebro Police Station? (photo: Ella Navarro)
August 28th, 2019 3:00 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Another explosion has rocked Greater Copenhagen – this time in the suburb of Hundige, which is near Ishøj in the southwest of the capital region, 18 km from the centre of the capital.

The local police force reported that a device was detonated outside a residential property in the Gersagerparken area of the suburb in the early hours of Tuesday morning, shortly before 01.58, the time of the call to the emergency services.

Similar to a hand grenade
Nobody was injured in the blast, but fairly extensive damage was sustained by the building by a blast that the police described as a “pretty powerful explosion similar to that of a hand grenade”.

The police remain at the scene where a forensics team are gathering evidence and officers are interviewing potential witnesses.

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No police comment on connection
The police have not commented on any possible connection between the explosion and the bombs detonated in Nordhavn and Nørrebro earlier this month.

So far three arrests have been made in connection with the Nordhavn blast – all Swedish nations living north of the Øresund – but no charges have been made. An international warrant has been issued for a fourth suspect.

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Metro ribbon-cutting duties beckon for five lucky members of the public
Five members of the public will be chosen to cut the ribbons to officially open the Metro stations of Frederiksberg Allé, Nørrebros Runddel, Trianglen, Enghave Plads and Marble Church at 16:00 on Sunday September 29. Readers of the local news site minby.dk are invited to nominate someone worthy of the honour and to explain why – the deadline is September 9. The stations are five of the 17 comprising the long-awaited City Ring. Minby.dk  suggests it could be somebody who has been plagued by the nuisance of the construction work! Or, a little bit lame this one, somebody who can name all of the City Ring’s stations in under 20 seconds! “Only the imagination sets boundaries,” it concludes

Public meeting to discuss future of Amager Fælled
A public meeting will be held on October 3 to discuss Copenhagen Municipality’s proposal to extend the protection of Amager Fælled, the largest nature area in its confines. Not long ago, City Hall approved construction work on the commons, but then Københavns Borgerrepræsentation decided to relocate the construction in late 2017 following extended protests. Since then, City Hall has very much put protecting the nature area before exploiting it. The meeting will be held in the ‘Hovedkassen’ room at City Hall, starting at 10:00.

City Hall to conserve Vesterbro chimney accidentally dismantled
Københavns Borgerrepræsentation at City Hall has approved plans to return a 130-year-old chimney to its former glory. Last December, on a construction site in the Slagtergårdene area of Vesterbro, workers started to dismantle the chimney – but without the permission of City Hall, which considers the structure to be worthy of conservation. The dismantling ceased, but the chimney had been left unstable, so City Hall approved plans to reduce its height from 31 to 20 metres.