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Local Round-Up: Copenhagen artificial island has just got a whole lot bigger

Also high on the City Hall priority list are vulnerable Greenlanders, who are growing in number and increasingly more isolated

A whole load of truck-loads are required!
August 26th, 2019 12:36 pm| by Ben Hamilton

A proposed artificial island in Copenhagen Harbour will be much larger than originally stated, according to plans outlined by the Transport Ministry, Copenhagen Municipality and the By & Havn development company on Friday.

The island of ‘Lynetteholmen’ has now grown to a size of 282 hectares – up from the 190 hectares outlined last year.

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Still encircling Refshaleøen
The new plan reveals that the island’s land mass will still encircle Refshaleøen but reach out further into the Øresund (see image).

According to Copenhagen Municipality, the increased space will enable room for more housing (room for 35,000 residents was the original plan) and green endeavour.

Copenhagen all set for World Food Summit later this week
Christiansborg, the home of the Danish Parliament, and Dansk Industri will later this week co-host ‘World Food Summit – Better Food for More People’, a two-day conference that will gather government and food industry delegates from all over the world to share and discuss developments in sustainable food production. The summit’s host is the food minister, Mogens Jensen. The summit will start at Christiansborg on Thursday (11:30-17:00) and continue at Dansk Industri (08:30-15:30) on Friday.

More help for vulnerable Greenlanders in the capital
Mia Nyegaard, the deputy mayor for social issues, has confirmed that helping the growing number of vulnerable Greenlanders in Copenhagen is a big priority at City Hall. The next budget will find room (reportedly 5.75 million kroner) for launching some “long-term efforts” to help the Greenlanders – most particularly in the areas of improving their network and helping them find employment – and several organisations and experts have already been consulted on the matter. The efforts want to particularly address their poor health, dependency on alcohol and cannabis, and difficulty in overcoming linguistic and cultural barriers. In some cases, sexual abuse is also believed to be a problem within the community.

New skatepark finally opens in Nørrebro
X-Hall, a new skatepark located under the Bispeengbuen arch, has finally opened. Constructed at a cost of 9 million kroner, the Nørrebro development was delayed by a number of administrative, financial and practical problems. Although it is open Friday to Sunday, the official inauguration is on September 3, after which it will get longer opening hours.

Jail time for plans to smuggle cannabis from Amager to Norway
Three men have been handed sentences ranging from six to 18 months for smuggling cannabis to Norway. Glostrup Court heard how the men, aged 28, 44 and 48, were caught with 60 kilos at a property in Amager and how they intended to drive the cannabis to Norway in a horse box. Two other men involved in the operation will be tried later this year.

Another 100 student residences opening in Islands Brygge
Residents moved into ten new properties in Islands Brygge on Friday – the first of 97 to open over the next month for students. Housing company AKB Copenhagen built the Faste Batteri complex on Njalsgade – one of many such developments that has seen 4,000 affordable homes for students built in Copenhagen since 2015. Overall, city mayor Frank Jensen wants to build 12,000 new homes by 2030 and has spent 400 million kroner since 2013. The apartments are 45 and 48 sqm in size, costing 3,549 (one bedroom) and 4,910 kroner (two) a month respectively.

Are cruise ships visitors prepared to pay extra to cut pollution?
The Østerbro Lokaludvalg local committee is investigating whether cruise ship visitors to Copenhagen would be willing to pay an extra euro a day if they knew the cost would enable the vessels to switch to obtaining their power from the shore whilst docked. The ships could then turn off their engines, reducing their pollution considerably.

New conference centre opens near Copenhagen Airport
Finnish company Huone International is opening a new 3,800 sqm conference centre near Copenhagen Airport. Located at Amager Strandvej 390 – a location previously used by SAS – the Huone Kastrup centre can cater to events attended by 700 people. The biggest of its 20 rooms can host 180.

In the drink for a midnight swim
A female tourist last week ended up in the drink just before Cirkelbroen in Christianshavn – for an inadvertent midnight swim. The 22-year-old completely missed a smaller bridge adjoining Johan Semps Gade and ended up in the canal. A passer-by hooked her out before the emergency services arrived at the scene.

Long in the tooth just like his faithful friend
Just over a thousand residents in Amager have lost their doctor – but this tale has a happy ending. Edgar Dahlin, a doctor who has run his practice on Bremensgade since 1982 at an apartment that he for many years shared with an Irish wolfhound, has decided to retire – at the ripe old age of 88! Dahlin, who was born in Russia, grew up in war-torn Britain before moving to Denmark where he worked as a truck driver and then at the Thule base in Greenland for two years. He eventually started medical school aged 30.