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Local Round-Up: Copenhagen greenlights electric scooter limits

Elsewhere, Copenhagen is stepping up its bio-waste collection efforts this summer and the police are seeking help to solve three suspicious death cases

Cracking down (photo: Lime Scooter Facebook)
June 24th, 2019 9:27 am| by Ruchi Pujari

A majority on the relevant committee at Copenhagen Municipality has authorised a limit on the number of electric scooters on the roads of the capital.

This means there will be a maximum of 200 electric scooters in the busiest parts of the city centre where there is judged to be a large influx of tourists. The overall limit for Copenhagen will be 3,000.

Electric scooter providers unhappy
Scooter providers Lime, Tier, and Voi have all expressed their disappointment with the limit. They recently sent a letter to the municipality stating that the limit was too low and will have a number of negative consequences.

The companies argue that the price will probably increase as a result.

The new rules will come into effect in a few months’ time and therefore not impact this summer’s tourism season.

Police seek help in connection with three killings in Zealand
The police are appealing for witnesses to help them track down those responsible for three deaths in Zealand. The deaths occurred in three separate house-fires in west Zealand in February, April and June in Gundestrup, Ruds Vedby and Vemmelev respectively. In one of the cases, injuries to the victim had been inflicted before the body was burned. In another, a corpse was found in a gravel pit a few days after the house was set on fire. The police believe that the deaths are most likely connected. Anybody with information should contact the Zealand police force on 114.

Two drowned in Køge Bay
Two people died in a boating accident in Køge Bay on the night of June 19. Two other people on board managed to swim ashore to safety. At about 01:00 am, all four people were rescued and brought to shore. While one person was declared dead at the port, the other one was declared dead at hospital. The other two people were taken to the hospital for examination and are doing well now. The police have stated that all four were adults and were not wearing life jackets.

Bio-waste gets picked up more often in summer
As the hot weather sets in, the Copenhagen has introduced a more frequent collection of bio-waste. The municipality will collect bio-waste every week during the summer months from June to August, compared to every two weeks over the rest of the year. The municipality has also listed a number of points on how to manage bio-waste and what to avoid when bio-waste sorting.

Bjarke Ingels Group to design H C Andersen Hotel 
Architect firm Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) have been slated to design a new hotel in Tivoli. The HC Andersen Hotel project will include a refurbishing of the 1893 Tivoli castle, a renovation of the 1883 Panorama Pavilion and the construction of a new 18-storey pagoda, which will be covered with lush gardens and greenery. It will have a sustainable profile in keeping with Tivoli’s policy of buying green energy. In addition to the hotel, Tivoli has presented an idea to turn busy Vesterbrogade into an urban park, but Mogens Fosgerau, a professor on traffic economics at the University of Copenhagen, suggests this decision will have dire financial consequences. According to Fosgerau, the project will hamper car traffic and limit accessibility, leading to some residents no longer choosing the same jobs because it will be harder for them to come to work. And it will then mean they do not have the same income and therefore cannot afford to pay as much for their homes.