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Local Round-Up: Copenhagen to celebrate first electric buses

Elsewhere, a scaffolding war rages, CPH Airport eyes development and the mayor is fed up with wood-burning stoves

Electric boogie on 2A and 18 (photo: Movia)
December 4th, 2019 1:00 pm| by Valmira Gjoni

December 8 will be a historic day for public transportation in Copenhagen, as the city’s first electric buses hit the streets.

The change on Sunday will see bus lines 2A and 18 switch from diesel to electric power and it is the first step towards Copenhagen’s goal of having all buses run on sustainable energy by 2025.

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Licence for kids
The city municipality and bus operators Movia will mark the historic occasion at City Hall from 13:00-15:00, when mayor Frank Jensen will inaugurate the buses.

The public will be treated to coffee, hot chocolate and an opportunity to try out the driver’s seat in the new buses. Kids can team up with seasoned bus drivers to get a green electric bus licence containing their photo.

Scaffolders in violent protest
A protest against a scaffolding company using foreign workers and paying them well below the Danish average turned ugly this week at a construction site in Lundtoftegade in Nørrebro. Angry union-backed scaffolders stormed the site, overturning a scaffold, overturning cars and spitting on a female Netto employee who objected to their actions. The angry scaffolders believe that scaffolding site was erected illegally and is using underpaid foreign workers, resulting in distorted competition.

Mayor done with wood-burning stoves
Copenhagen mayor, Frank Jensen, stated this week that he wants to prohibit all wood-burning stoves in the capital, as the city already enjoys climate-friendly district heating. There are almost 16,000 stoves in Copenhagen homes and at times they emit more particle pollution than car traffic during the winter season. Jensen suggests that all municipalities in the country should be authorized to ban the re-installation of wood stoves in areas with district heating.

10 initiatives to boost CPH Airport
Ten new proposals to expand and create Copenhagen Airport the largest Europe’s hubs were presented by the CPH Growth Committee for the Development of Copenhagen Airports at the end of November. The initiatives include an extension of the Metro line all way to Malmö, a direct line from Western Denmark, and climate-friendly growth of the airport that would lower CO2 emissions to reach its 2050 carbon-neutral goal.

Norwegian halting long haul routes from Scandinavia
The Nordic budget airline Norwegian is changing its long-haul network from Copenhagen and Stockholm by 29 March 2020. Due to the lack of demand for long-distance routes in Scandinavia, the airline has decided to close routes from Copenhagen and Stockholm airports to the US and Thailand. The decision will affect 23 members of technical staff at Copenhagen Airport but not the pilots employed by the airline for these routes.

A quarter of a million spent in ministerial job hunt
The education minister Pernille Rosenkrantz-Theil has come under fire for spending close to a quarter of a million kroner in search of a new head of press for the ministry.  The lion’s share of the money was paid to the recruitment agency Zeuthen Storm. Rosenkrantz-Theis said she was changing the protocol for hiring staff and underlined that she would not have spent so much money had she not only recently assumed her position.

Denmark to test battery-driven train
From the end of next year, battery-powered trains will be tested north Zealand and Jutland. The agreement was reached in a collaboration that included the Ministry of Transport and the Capital Region. The goal is to reduce Denmark’s CO2 emissions and to create the basis for better traffic control.

German hotel turning up on Paper Island
The renowned German hotel company, 25hours Hotels, has announced its plans for a second hotel in Copenhagen by 2024. The new hotel be located on Paper Island and will consist of 128 guestrooms and suites, a sauna, houseboats and rooftop bar.

US student faces prison for singing in church choirs
A young American student faces prison time for working for three years as a church singer without the necessary work permit in Denmark. The music conservatory and six churches that hired the 29-year-old also face hefty fines.