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Local Round-Up: Ongoing dispute over fast-tracked square construction in Sydhavn

Elsewhere, the proposed renovation of a well-known archway is in reverse, as it has been postponed by a decade

Southern Ports raise concern at new construction (photo: , Pixabay)
November 5th, 2019 9:42 am| by Jade Emerson Hebbert

Copenhagen Municipality’s Technology and Environment Committee was yesterday due to process the initial report regarding the housing construction project at Stejlepladsen (Stejle Square) in the city district of Sydhavn – a plan that has moved forward without consultation with local residents.

The behind-closed-doors decision has been met with massive local protests..

“Citizen? It’s a foreign word out here,” Jan Mathisen a spokesperson for the local protest group Fiskerhavnens Venner, told minby.dk.

“They’re already bringing the bulldozers in! By og Havn has launched an architectural tender without a political decision regarding the construction in place yet.”

A process in reverse
It would appear that Stejlepladsen is being conducted in reverse: instead of consulting with citizens before the plans were decided, the citizenry consultation is occurring after the decision has already been made.

Various members of the committee meeting today were not sure the correct decision had been made in regard to the procedure and timing of the process.

“At least this has led us to reflect on the process of making such far-reaching decisions without citizen involvement behind closed doors at City Hall,” Konservative group chair Jakob Næsage told minby.dk.

“It must never repeat itself.”

Renovation of arch postponed by a decade
Once believed to be in dire need of repairs, plans to redevelop the Bispeengbuen Arch on the way out of the city to Borups Alle have been suspended by ten years. The plans – which included demolishing the bridge, redirecting traffic to a tunnel, creating a green area and improving the area’s flood defences – would cost an estimated 940 million kroner. But now the Vejdirektoratet road directorate has deemed the project non-urgent.  The former VLAK government has promised a third of the funding on the condition that the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, which the arch straddles, would fund the rest.

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Man dead after intake of laughing gas
In June, a 23-year-old man from Lellinge died at a party and, following his autopsy, it’s been recently confirmed that his death was connected to the intake of nitrous oxide after laughing gas was found in his blood. Laughing gas can severely limit the amount of oxygen going into the lungs, causing oxygen deficiency – which in serious cases can lead to death.

City Hall keen to close Copenhagen street off to car traffic
For several years, Lille Kongensgade, which runs parallel with the final stretch of Strøget before it reaches Kongens Nytorv, has been closed off to car traffic due to the ongoing construction of the City Ring Metro. But now it is due to open again – or will it. A group of politicians at City Hall are confident they can keep the road closed, citing its close proximity to the department store Magasin du Nord and the municipality’s goal of reducing car traffic.

Radikale leader targets at-risk youth
Last week on Wednesday evening, Radikale leader Morten Østergaard toured part of Indre Nørrebro to assess the conditions faced by youths vulnerable to gang-related crime and violence. He visited the Kvisten center, which functions as a safe haven where the youths can hang out providing they are well behaved and don’t vandalise anything. Østergaard intends to use his findings to earmark more funds for the youths in next year’s budget.