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Local Round-Up: Revered and reviled … a mixed week for Princess Mary

Most motorists would rather mount Frederik (photo: Hasse Ferrold)
November 6th, 2019 4:06 pm| by Ben Hamilton

It’s been a mixed week for Crown Princess Mary. While the LGBT community can’t get enough of her, White Van Man is giving her a wide berth.

But before you jump to conclusions, the devotion and diversion aren’t related.

In one case she is bridging communities, and in the other she literally is one.

Nobody likes Mary
An initial report expected 12,000 to 13,000 daily road users on the new 1.7 billion kroner toll bridge crossing Roskilde Fjørd in Frederikssund in northern Zealand, but motorists still prefer to use the 1935 option down the road – it probably helps that it’s free.

Since opening on September 30, a few months earlier than planned, the 1.4 km Crown Princess Mary’s Bridge has only attracted between 2,000 and 3,000 motorists a week, who mostly pay 14 kroner.

But it could have been worse, as trucks weighing more than 3.5 tonnes are not allowed to use Kronprins Frederiks Bro – and added bonus: it costs them 41 kroner to cross the other option.

Actually, it is worse, as the other bridge is called Kronprins Frederiks Bro.

Not quite Di, but we love her
Meanwhile, Crown Princess Mary has been confirmed as the patron of Copenhagen 21, the massive LGBT event in Copenhagen and Malmö in 18 months’ time that will combine World Pride and the EuroGames.

Prominent members of the worldwide LGBT community have applauded her appointment – particularly as it is the first time that a royal has become the patron of such an event (we know … not even Lady Diana!).

The event is scheduled to take place from August 12-22.

DHL unveils new fleet of green vehicles in central Copenhagen
The transport company DHL is retiring a fleet of its diesel courier vans and replacing them with electric vehicles and cargo bicycles in central Copenhagen. From its new centre on Nørre Voldgade just around the corner from Nørreport Station, which will also serve as a package pick-up point, DHL staff will carry out climate-neutral deliveries in a bid to cut the DHL’s CO2 emissions by half by 2025 and to zero by 2050.

Another US giant buying up capital apartments to make a fat profit
Hot on the heels of the Blackstone capital fund, asset management company Invesco is making investments in the Copenhagen property market. The US company bought 191 apartments on Grønttorvet in Valby for 520 million kroner in October and has just announced a deal to acquire another 124 in Islands Brygge for an undisclosed price on behalf of a German pension fund. The 124 new apartments are part of a construction project undertaken by the Bach Group. The purchases come at a time when property prices are stalling but rentals are going through the roofs – mainly due to landlords exploiting loopholes that permit them to raise rent if they carry out a certain amount of renovation.

Surreal, scary, wrong, says daredevil who climbs rope up to hot air balloon
We’ve seen it done in a number of films – like at the start of ‘Superman II’, or was that a ladder, and surely at the end of ‘Up’ – but Leon Kofoed from Amager has become the first ever human to do it! In September, he climbed a 50-metre rope dangling from a hot air balloon at a height of at least one kilometre. The elite athlete, who runs about 80-100 km a week, had considered bridges and cranes, but then one day it hit him. “I had to climb a rope at a height of 1,000 metres from a hot air balloon,” he told minby.dk. “It was completely surreal and insanely scary. Getting out of the balloon was ridiculously difficult. And as I got to the bottom, the whole thing started revolving. It was really wrong.”