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Local Round-Up: Sustainable student housing to be built in Lyngby

Elsewhere in Copenhagen, the Royal Guard is back en route

DTU meets the demand for student housing (press photo)
November 13th, 2019 9:29 pm| by Jade Emerson Hebbert

In collaboration with PensionDanmark and DTU’s Housing Fund, Lyngby will see the construction of 478 sustainable, student homes completed by the summer of 2021. 

The building will be the first in Denmark to receive both the Swan Label and the DGNB certification. 

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Build it and they will come
The plan is expected to be approved in January and will work to meet the growing demand for affordable, student housing heightened by the increasing student population.  

The project has been contracted by Scandi Byg, a company that uses the innovative building technique of modular construction.

The houses will be constructed in North Jutland, as the foundation is simultaneously being laid on location in Lyngby, speeding up the process as a whole while tiering the development.

ESS data centre inaugurated
A new Copenhagen data centre officially opened on October 29 as a part of the European Spallation Source (ESS) Data Management and Software Centre in Copenhagen’s Bio-Science Park. Both Denmark and Sweden serve as host countries to ESS, which is one of the world’s leading research facilities. All of the experimental data collected at the centre will be made public for the use and benefit of the global scientific community in accordance with the FAIR principles. 

Queen’s guard change marching route
Today, after a reroute due to metro construction, the midday parade of the Royal Guard through Copenhagen will return to its normal route … well, almost. The route from the barracks at Rosenborg Castle on Gothersgade to Amalienborg Palace Square and back again will now entail a walk along Bredgade to Frederiksgade before reaching the palace square. In celebration of the changed route that will be followed into 2020, today’s parade will include the addition of Musikkorpset (Music Corps) to the Royal Guard.

New harbour bridge popular
The new city harbour bridge, Lille Langebro, has proved to be a popular alternative to the congested and noisy Langebro for pedestrians and cyclists alike. The popularity of the bridge can be attributed to faster travelling times and an overall more pleasant travel experience. On a given weekday, 10,800 cyclists and 2,500 pedestrians travel across Lille Langebro, totaled to about 1.5 million since its July 1 opening. 

CPH getting more places to sort rubbish in public space
Copenhagen is getting smarter about its waste. By 2024, 750 waste sorting points will be added to the city’s roads and public spaces to meet Denmark’s goal of having seventy percent of waste recycled in that same year. A design competition is currently underway by five different groups challenged to meet the needs of each different type of waste, as well as combine needed noticeability with natural fluidity in the cityscape in their designs. Winners will be announced in the spring of 2020.