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Local Round-Up: Terror-plot Syrian gets 12 years for plan to kill Danes

In other news, motorists using disabled parking spaces can expect much stiffer sentences in the future

Proceedings are finalyl wrapping up at Copenhagen City Court … to be resumed at the High Court soon no doubt (photo: Erik Cleves Kristensen)
May 20th, 2019 5:09 pm| by Ben Hamilton

Moyed Al Zoebi, a Swedish-based Syrian asylum-seeker, has today received 12 years for his role in an IS-backed plot to randomly kill people on the streets of Copenhagen, using bombs and kitchen knives.

The trial, which began nearly five months ago, heard how the 32-year-old was the accomplice of Dieab Khadigah, who was sentenced to six and a half years in prison in Germany in 2017.

Sentenced in Germany
Khadigah was apprehended in November 2016 in the German border town of Puttgarden on his way to Rødby in Denmark with a rucksack containing 17,000 matches, fireworks, knives, walkie-talkies and batteries.

At his trial, the then 21-year-old Khadigah admitted he was intending to carry out a bombing attack in Denmark on 16 November 2016 in order to kill as many people as possible.

Al Zoebi was arrested in December 2017, while an unidentified man was also apprehended.

Fondness for jihad
Before reaching a verdict, the court heard how Al Zoebi, who has appealed the verdict to the High Court, was prone to talking and writing about jihad.

“I will kill the whole world until Allah is worshiped 100 percent,” he wrote.

27 municipality rubbish collectors’ strike averted after deal with union
A rubbish collectors’ strike, which had threatened to encompass 20 municipalities in Zealand including Brøndby in the Capital Region, along with a further seven in Jutland, has been averted following successful talks involving the 3F trade union. A strike in Frederikshavn in north Jutland in protest at new collection methods that add an hour to their working day started the action.

Copenhagen to punish motorists who use disabled spots more severely
Copenhagen Municipality’s Technology and Environment Committee has voted in favour of stiffer punishments for motorists who leave their vehicles in disabled parking spots without the necessary permit. As well as doubling the current 1,020 kroner fine, the committee wants to clamp the offenders’ wheels and possibly tow the vehicle away if it is blocking a vehicle with the correct permit. Copenhagen Municipality issued 2,000 such fines last year, so clearly motorists are not getting the message.

Municipality plans to transform eyesore road stretch have state support
Anyone who’s ever cycled from the city centre to the circus on Borups Alle will be familiar with having to leave Aboulevard when it turns into a motorway, and instead to negotiate a succession of archways to carry on their journey. Plans are now afoot to build a tunnel for the traffic and to develop the urban area into a green area friendly to cyclists, whilst improving the area’s flood defences, and it has been confirmed the total bill will be between 940 million and 1.38 billion kroner. The area straddles the municipalities of Copenhagen and Frederiksberg, which are weighing up whether they want to pursue the plans. The state is reportedly willing to fund one third of the cost.

Auction house to sell rare sofa on June 4
Auction house Bruun Rasmussen has confirmed that a rare sofa designed by Arne Jacobsen will be going under the hammer on June 4 at its premises on Bredgade in Copenhagen city centre. The ‘Novoø sofa, which was made in 1935, is expecting to raise between 400,000 and 600,000 kroner. Bruun Rasmussen believes the sofa is a one-off.

Bet it gets really filthy under there (photo: bruun-rasmussen.dk)

Record turnout at Copenhagen Marathon on Sunday
Some 13,200 runners took part in the Copenhagen Marathon yesterday – surpassing the record 12,644 who raced in 2010. More than half the runners are Danes, which sets another record for the race, which this year was celebrating its 40th running.