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Locals annoyed by DHL Run fireworks

Sleeping children and petrified pets are some of the complaints

It’s all fun and games until someone gets irked (photo: DHL Stafetten)
August 30th, 2019 12:30 pm| by Christian W

Tens of thousands of people have congregated across Denmark to take part in the world’s biggest run event this week, the DHL Run.

With over 120,000 participants taking part, the week is brimming with running, barbeques, festivities and an evening-ending firework show – in Copenhagen at least.

But it’s not all that amusing for some of the Østerbro locals living near Fælledparken. They are weary of the loud fireworks display echoing across the district late in the evening every day this week, according to a Facebook survey conducted by local newspaper, Østerbro Avis.

“Many of us are upset about it. It practically sounds like war has erupted. Our dogs are shivering in fear and take hours to calm down. We know that there are lots of fireworks on New Year’s Eve, but you are prepared for it. I don’t think fireworks are necessary at a run,” wrote Østerbro local Kirsten Freiberg.

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Notification would have helped
Another major complaint made on the Facebook page was that children were struggling to sleep through the loud blasts – particularly given lots of families sleep with windows open to cool off during the night.

The DHL Run used to have fireworks a few years ago, but this is the first year for a while and organisers Sparta, agree that perhaps they should have notified the public that they had returned.

“We are well aware that there are complaints and had people known in time I think they would have embraced it more, as is the case with the Tivoli fireworks,” Dorte Viberg, the head of Sparta, told Østerbro Avis.

The Østerbro Avis query also yielded lots of positive responses from locals who appreciated seeing the beautiful fireworks display in the Copenhagen skies.