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Lonely this Christmas without this pot of gold

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December 20, 2013

by Cecilie Bech Christiansen

Things to do at Christmas
Various venues in Greater Cph; Dec 24-26

Christmas is upon us! Although the shops have been pushing marzipan, gløgg and decorations since October, it always seems to catch people by surprise when the festive season finally arrives. If you are spending Christmas in Copenhagen and are starting to feel stressed about what to do or where to go, below are a few ideas to make yuletide merry and joyful.

Christmas service 1: all denominations
Trying to find an English-language Christmas service to go to? The International Church of Copenhagen is an English-speaking ministry in the middle of Copenhagen with a community of Christians from many cultures. The church will be hosting two eucharists: one on Christmas Eve at 15:00 and one on Christmas Day at 10:30. After the service on Christmas Day, the churchgoers are invited to an open house event at Church House at Gjørlingsvej 10 in Hellerup.

St Andreas Church, Gothersgade 148, Cph K; 3962 4785; www.internationalchurch.dk

Christmas service 2: Anglican/Episcopal
Another option if you’re looking for a Christmas service in English is to go to St Alban’s Church at Langelinie. Although it’s known as ‘The English Church’, many nationalities attend the church, which welcomes people from all Christian traditions. On Christmas Eve the church hosts a children’s service at 12:00 and a midnight mass at 23:30. On Christmas Day at 10:30, a family eucharist will be held.

St Alban’s Church, Churchillparken 11, Cph K; www.st-albans.dk

Christmas service 3: Catholic
If you’re among the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics and are looking for like-minded people to celebrate Christmas in Copenhagen, Saint Ansgar’s Cathedral is the place to be. The cathedral is the primary Catholic church in Denmark and the seat of Czeslaw Kozon, the bishop of Copenhagen. It holds four holiday masses: two on December 24 (family mass at 16:00 and midnight mass from 23:30, which includes an introduction of Christmas music), and two 11:00 masses on December 25 & 26.

St. Ansgar’s Cathedral, Bredgade 64, Cph K; 3313 3762; www.sanktansgar.dk

Christmas shopping in Malmö
Ideal for last minute shopping on December 24, the biggest shopping centre in Scandinavia, Malmö’s Emporia, is located only half an hour by train from Copenhagen Central Station. Open throughout the festive period, apart from December 25 and New Year’s Day, and boasting no less than 200 shops, it should be possible to find last-minute Christmas presents here for everybody. Emporia has everything from clothes and kitchen equipment to electronics, supermarkets and cafes. After the shopping, why not take a walk around Malmö and enjoy the city dressed up in its Christmas finest? Trains from Copenhagen to Malmö run every 20 minutes and only cost 172kr for a return ticket.

Emporia, Hyllie Boulevard 19, Malmö; www.emporia.se

Gourmet Christmas at Nimb
One of the most Christmassy places around Copenhagen in December has got to be Tivoli, and if you want to combine that with top quality dining, then there’s no better place to go than Nimb Brasserie. On Christmas Eve the restaurant offers a three-course menu consisting of salted salmon and frisée salad for starters, traditional Danish duck with red cabbage and browned potatoes for the main, and risalamande (the rice pudding dish that no Dane will do without) – another Danish classic – for dessert. The price of the menu, which also includes champagne, coffee and sweets, is 595kr.

Bernstoffsgade 5, Cph V; 8870 0000; www.nimb.dk

Ice skating at Frederiksberg
Every winter Frederiksberg Runddel (situated by the entrance to Frederiksberg Have) is turned into an ice rink, which is open 24 hours a day. During day hours it is possible to rent ice skates, but otherwise why not get yourself a pair and skate off the excess Christmas kilos whenever you want? The ice rink is open until February 28.

Frederiksberg Runddel; 4010 6050

Christmas boogie at Stengade
With the Christmas dinner polished off and the last presents opened, why not head to Stengade in Nørrebro for its Christmas Wheels Of Steel event, which will feature sets from Steen Rock and DJ Cars10. The party on December 24 starts at 23:59, entrance is free, the drinks are cheap, and everybody is invited.

Spillestedet Stengade, Stengade 18, Cph N; Dec 24 at 23:59; 2184 7488; www.stengade.dk

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