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Lowest amount of January sunshine in 26 years

If you think it has been gloomy this month, you're right

No really, it is still up there somewhere (Photo: Colourbox)

January 29, 2014

by RW

Less than a full day’s worth of sunshine has made its way through the winter clouds this January. Weather service DMI said that up until yesterday, the sun had broken through the murk for only seventeen hours since the start of the year, making this the dreariest January for some 26 years.

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Record-breaking misery
With just three days left in the month, this January seems to be a cinch to overtake previous gloom champion 1988 when there was a whole 19 hours of sunshine. DMI says that the overcast skies and precipitation will continue throughout the rest of the week. The sun normally appears for 43 hours in January, according to DMI.

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