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Many Danish women considering plastic surgery this year

8 percent of Danish women looking into making cosmetic changes

Surgery to counter droopy eyelids is the most popular among the young in Denmark (photo: iStock)
April 7th, 2016 8:32 am| by Christian W

Some 136,000 Danish women over the age of 18 are expecting to have or considering some form of plastic surgery this year.

A new Voxmeter survey compiled on behalf of the private hospital Aleris-Hamlet showed that 8 percent of Danish women aged 18-69 are considering plastic surgery in 2016.

“The general opinion is you can just have something fixed if you are dissatisfied with something,” Anna Bjerre, a psychologist at girl counselling organisation, told Metroxpress newspaper.

“At a 9th grade presentation [young teens], I asked them what they thought about the silicon breasts on bus adverts. ‘It’s the norm,’ said one girl. She believed this was how typical breasts looked like.”

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Cosmetic future
Bjerre contended that it was especially the media that has influenced how young people believe a female body should look like.

Bus company Movia came under fire in 2014 when its buses carried an advert for cosmetic surgery that featured a pair of bared breasts.

Figures from the health data authority Sundhedsdatastyrelsen showed that the most common plastic surgery in 2014, based on notices from specialist doctors, was for droopy eyelids, followed by breast enlargements, liposuctions, abdominal lifts, breast reductions and breast lifts.