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Massive explosion rocks Copenhagen district

Nordhavn Station area on lock down following blast near tax offices

The police were quickly on the scene (photo: Christian Wenande)
August 6th, 2019 11:25 pm| by Christian W

The police have cordoned off several blocks near Nordhavn Station in the Østerbro district of Copenhagen following a huge explosion tonight.

The explosion occurred around 22:20 on Østbanegade near the offices of the tax authority Skattestyrelsen, located just across from the station.

Buildings shook
The City Police and fire department was quick to respond to the blast and quickly blocked off several adjacent streets, preventing the gathering public from getting closer.

Public transportation going through Nordhavn Station has been halted and residents have reported that the explosion rattled buildings and smashed in windows in the area.

The blast has reportedly destroyed part of the facade of Skattestyrelsen’s offices and the police have stated that there are no injuries.