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Mayday, Mayday! Here comes the heat

Sunshine and temperatures in the 20s on the horizon

Time for shades and picnics in the park (photo: Pixabay)
May 3rd, 2018 10:46 am| by Christian W

Last year, the Danish summer was quite the letdown, particularly given the warm and sunny month of May the country enjoyed. Are we heading in the same direction this year?

Well, we might be, because according to the latest prognosis by weather forecaster DMI, the month of May will be a scorcher. The heat will arrive next week in earnest.

“A high-pressure system means we’ll be getting dry, sunny and gradually increasing temperatures. We will be able to enjoy lots of sunshine, weak winds and comfortable temperatures of around 20 degrees,” said Martin Lindberg, a DMI meteorologist.

According to DMI, the temperature could be slightly lower on the coast, but some areas of Denmark could experience temperatures spiking at 25 degrees.

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Keep the good times rollin’
The following week also look promising thanks to a high-pressure system that is expected to hover above or near Scandinavia.

DMI is considerably more unsure about the week after that, although the forecast still looks “sensible”.

“The most likely scenario at the moment is that temperatures will be normal or a bit above normal, with less precipitation than is usually the case,” said Lindberg.

The highest temperature every recorded in the month of May in Denmark was 32 degrees, while the lowest was minus 8. The warmest average temperature for May was recorded way back in 1889, which landed at 13.8 degrees.