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Metro accelerates City Ring rail grinding in wake of complaints

Over 170 complaints have been made so far

Not everybody is so enthused about the new City Ring (photo: Christian Wenande)
October 23rd, 2019 9:20 am| by Christian W

Following scores of noise complaints, the Metro Company has decided to move ahead with its rail grinding plans for the new City Ring line.

The Metro Company didn’t manage to completely finish grinding the rails before the City Ring opened on September 29, and there are homes in Frederiksberg, Østerbro and Nørrebro where you can hear the trains rumble by every three minutes during the day and every five minutes at night.

Grinding the rails, a process that the Metro Company now start on Sunday instead of at the end of 2019, will make the trains run more quietly. The grinding is set to be finished in the next three to four weeks.

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Hotel offer
So far, 178 noise complaints have been lodged, including 68 in the first week following the opening day.

The Metro Company has offered to relocate families impacted by the noise to hotels until the grinding has been completed. Nine families have so far accepted the offer.

It is not known yet whether the Metro Company will offer financial compensation for the noise.

The development follows the news that six of the new sleek-looking public toilets  that should be available to the public at the Metro stations won’t be established until a new distributor is found – something that could take over a year.