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Millions use new City Ring Metro in inaugural month

Over 4 million have hopped on the M3 since opening day

The M3 is off to a good start (photo: Metroselskabet/Ditte Valente)
November 7th, 2019 9:08 am| by Christian W

Since its grand and much-anticipated opening on September 29, the new City Ring Metro line in Copenhagen looks to have become an early success.

In its first month of operation, the M3 line has seen 4.1 million passengers hop on for a ride, while operational stability has been at 97.5 percent – compared to 99.3 percent for the existing M1 and M2 lines over the same period.

“The City Ring is off to a good start and customers have welcomed the new Metro line with open arms. Naturally, we are pleased about that,” said Henrik Plougmann Olsen, the head of the Metro Company.

“Operational stability has been satisfactory for the first month, despite certain challenges arising in connection with rail grinding. There will continue to be disturbances in operation – particularly because we will begin testing the M4 City Ring Nordhavn line, which will open in the spring of 2020.”

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Hunt for the red-hot October
Testing of the upcoming M4 line, which will link Copenhagen Central and Nordhavn stations, will mostly occur at night and during certain weekends in order to limit any inconvenience for passengers.

The Metro Company also revealed that that the M1 and M2 lines saw a passenger record in October with 6.3 million travellers.