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Mobile phone usage in the car can now cost your drivers licence

Over 22,000 people were caught using their devices while driving last year

Talk and drive and face the consequences (photo: Rådet for Sikker Trafik)
September 10th, 2019 12:30 pm| by Christian W

You might want to seriously reconsider answering that call in the car as the punishment for driving while holding a mobile phone in your hand has become significantly more stringent today.

Until now, driving while using your phone has led to a 1,500 kroner and a 500 kroner fee for the victims foundation Offerfonden. But from today, the additional punishment will be a clip in your drivers licence (three and you lose your licence).’

“Inattention is a big problem for security on the roads. Along with campaigns and control, a clip in the drivers licence is something that can really change dangerous behaviour,” said Mogens Kjærgaard, the head of road safety organisation, Rådet for Sikker Trafik.

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Three strikes and you’re out
Last year, 22,500 people were charged with using a hand-held mobile phone in the traffic and the new law also encompasses tablets, GPS equipment, computers and smart watches.

For usage to be considered legal, the equipment must be used with out physical contact with the device’s buttons or display.

According to a recent Kantar survey, 34 percent of Danes admitted that they sometimes use their mobile phone while driving. Meanwhile, almost 80 percent of Danes said they agreed with the new clip punishment.