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More Danes on trains this Christmas

DSB sells over 20 percent more tickets compared to 2018

Even transport minister Benny Engelbrecht got in on the act (photo: DSB)
December 25th, 2019 1:41 pm| by Christian W

The Danes seem to have become more environmentally-conscious this Christmas, according to the national rail operators, DSB.

DSB revealed that it has seen the most Christmas travellers this year in half a decade – and a 22 percent increase in ticket sales compared to last year.

“We see that it is particularly the young people who have returned to us and there are several reasons for that,” Tony Bispeskov, the head of information with DSB, told DR Nyheder.

“One is that we have expanded the Orange and Orange Fri tickets and we also experience that young people are increasingly calling for a more sustainable Christmas journey.”

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Running smoothly
Despite the considerable passenger increase, DSB revealed that the year’s biggest travel day, December 23, was wrapped up without issue as trains departed on time.

There weren’t many problems on the roads either, according to the Danish road directorate, Vejdirektoratet.

However, December 26 is expected to be the big ‘travel back home’ day and there could be some traffic on the roads during the day.

(photo: Vejdirektoratet)