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More than 40 Danish websites hacked by Jarino8

Hackers mysteriously take down online cookbook and discount holiday site

February 24th, 2015 4:20 pm| by admin

The Centre for Cyber Security released a warning recently that there may be a risk of hacker attacks against websites following the terrorist attacks in Copenhagen. Now that risk appears to have materialised.

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According to data from hacker website, the hacker Jarino8 has been on a hacking spree since Sunday. Targeting only Danish websites, the hacker has now infiltrated more than 40.

Although the Centre for Cyber Security predicted the risk of more such attacks, it would have been less easy to predict the types of target.

The centre expressed concern about hackers targeting government websites, but it seems that they have instead chosen to take down sites such as the recipe website, the travel site and discount firewood retailer Billigt-bræ

On each of the hacked sites there is a graphic with two masked gunmen in front of a stylised Moroccan flag above the words “HackeD By Jarino8".

There follows a message with references to Islam, terrorism, Israel and America and an expletive reference to Zionists.