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Most refugees in Denmark want to stay

For 82 percent, there is no going back to war-torn countries like Syria

For over 80 percent of refugees coming to Denmark, it’s a one-way ticket (photo: iStock)
November 3rd, 2015 11:06 am| by Christian W

The vast majority of refugees who have arrived in Denmark in the wake of the conflict in the Middle East want to stay permanently, according to a new survey conducted by TV2 News.

The survey showed that 82 percent of refugees want to remain in Denmark even after the perils in the region subside.

“I think they’ve lost hope regarding the duration of the conflict,” Andreas Kamm, the secretary general of refugee aid organisation Dansk Flygtningehjælp, told TV2 News.

“They know the situation in Syria. They know peace is a long way off and the Syria they left behind might be very different after the end of the conflict. Many can’t imagine returning because the nation could be dominated by Islamic State.”

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Steadfast government
The government, however, remains determined in its efforts to toughen up the asylum area in Denmark.

“The solution isn’t too resettle everyone in Denmark permanently,” said Marcus Knuth, the spokesperson on integration issues for Venstre.

“So the government is still working on a comprehensive tightening of the asylum system aimed at reducing the number of people looking to go to Denmark. And as soon as the conditions are safe in their homelands, our policy is that they need to go home.”