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Narced off! Netflix subscribers in Denmark paying well over the odds

Do the Narcos have something over the streaming service – how else can you explain Colombians paying barely half of what the Danes do!

Has Pablo had a little word? (photo: Narcos)
September 3rd, 2019 12:09 pm| by Ben Hamilton

When the number of available titles are factored in, Danish subscribers to Netflix pay the second highest prices in the world for the streaming service, according to an analysis of 77 countries carried out by

The analysis divided the total number of titles by the monthly subscription price to establish the cost per title per month, and Denmark fared really badly, finishing only behind Iran.

For example, Danish customers pay nearly 100 percent more per title compared to Colombians for their basic plans – a crime that even the central characters in ‘Narcos’ would struggle to justify.

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Second highest again
And all in all, Danes are paying well over the odds for both the standard and premium packages.

They pay 28 percent more than average for the standard plan (which allows two users to simultaneously view) and 31 percent more for the premium plans (four users) – behind only Switzerland each time.

Nevertheless, with 3,525 titles to choose from, Danish subscribers have a much larger library size than many of the countries – Iranians have a pitiful 2,301, presumably because many of them are banned.