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April Fool’s gag involving a ’Marius’ purse collection yanked after complaints

Suitcases made from tortoise shells and wallets made from wildebeest were also part of the collection

April 2nd, 2014 11:45 am| by admin

Job search website Jobindex prematurely pulled its April Fool’s story about the Copenhagen Zoo needing an employee to oversee a future purse collection made from animals from its zoo.

The gag was removed by Jobindex yesterday afternoon after zoo sponsors complained about the fabricated listing, which called for someone with a butchering background to sell purses made from lions, giraffes and other beasts.

The clothing line was given the name ‘Marius’, after the giraffe that was controversially put down by the zoo earlier this year. 

“If not everyone thinks that it’s amusing, then it’s not fun,” Kaare Danielsen, the head of Jobindex, told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

"Copenhagen Zoo has experienced some negative reactions, including some from its sponsors who didn’t find the April Fool’s joke as funny as we did.”

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Wildebeest wallets
The controversial job listing went on to add that the potential employee would have to be prepared to put down animals with chainsaws.

Moreover, future ‘Marius’ products would include suitcases made from tortoise shells, bags made from lion shoulders and wallets made from, and smelling like, wildebeest.

The listing, which was posted on the front page of the job searcher webpage – which has about 50,000 visitors every day – was removed just after noon yesterday.