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Banedanmark hopes to put brakes on copper theft

Rail company is now considering dropping the use of copper due to its popularity on the black market

September 3rd, 2012 6:15 pm| by admin

National rail infrastructure company Banedanmark has had enough of copper thieves.

After train service was disrupted once again this past weekend due to the theft of copper cables along an S-train line, the company is now looking at using other materials as a way to deter potential thefts.

Saturday’s theft of 100 metres of copper cable at the Åmarken S-train station was the third such incident in just a week, Claus Christiansen of Banedanmark told Berlingske newspaper. In order to dissuade thieves looking to make quick money on copper, which can fetch around 40 kroner per kilogram, the company has contacted scrap dealers throughout Denmark.

“We’ve done that to make them aware that there are a lot of stolen cables out in circulation,” Christiansen told Berlingske. “It is very easy to identify those cables which have been stolen from along Danish train track stretches.”

Although Christiansen didn’t want to comment on where most stolen cable ends up, he did tell Berlingske that he had heard of incidents in which lorries full of stolen cables have been stopped at customs points.

Christiansen did not specify to Berlingske which materials Banedanmark is considering using instead of copper.