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Danes believe infidelity is okay

More Danes are comfortable talking about their secret love-affairs with friends and colleagues than just three years ago

September 19th, 2014 5:05 pm| by admin

According to Victoria Milan (VM), Scandinavia's first dating site for people in relationships looking for an affair, Danes are increasingly tolerant towards infidelity.  

The main explanation possibly lies in the way infidelity has been portrayed in pop culture in recent years. 

Would you tell your friend or colleague?
Victoria Milan has compared how their customers describe the reactions of people around them to a similar survey the company conducted three years ago.

More than 62 percent of the interviewed could imagine telling friends about their adultery, while three years ago it was only 34 percent.

Some 56 percent of the VM customers could imagine telling their colleague, and only 40 percent could not.

Yet in 2011, twice as many people would have had a problem admitting their cheating to a colleague. 

Pop culture to blame
The study also shows that more than 58 percent of Victoria Milan's members in Sweden feel that society has become more accepting of infidelity in the past three years. 

A quarter of those surveyed reported there are many scenes of adultery in movies, TV shows, books and docusoaps that makes people think adultery is acceptable. 

"It is clear we are influenced by what we see on TV and in the movies. Cheating creates good drama, although infidelity in everyday life is not so dramatic," Sigurd Vedal, the CEO of Victoria Milan, believes.

Not everyone is so accepting
At the same time, one third of the interviewed claimed society has become tougher towards those who commit adultery, naming religion as the most common reason.  

"A family member came to me saying that I would burn in hell," said a women in the survey, who wished to stay anonymous. 

"I felt really uncomfortable. The only thing I wanted was a bit of love. I did not mean to hurt anyone."