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Ministry to protect children against toxic clothing

New campaign to enlighten industry

September 19th, 2014 1:10 pm| by admin

A new campaign by the Environment Ministry will help protect children from garments containing chemicals by enlightening the clothing industry of the problem.

According to a ministry report, one third of the clothing industry in Denmark – including textile producers, importers and retailers – are unaware of the rules regarding chemicals in clothing for children (here in English).

”It mustn’t be dangerous for our children to be clothed,” Kirsten Brosbøl, the environment minister, said in a press release.

“They shouldn’t be running around in trousers containing chemicals that could cause cancer or jackets with strings so long the child risks being strangled.”

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Look for the approved labels
As part of the campaign, the website bø has been established so that the industry can get an overview of the rules concerning the production, importation and retail of clothing or other textile products for children in Denmark.

Brosbøl went on to reveal that the campaign was part of a goal-orientated strategy to ban and phase out illegal clothing for children.

The environmental protection agency Miljøstyrelsen recommends consumers to look for children clothing with the environmental labels Blomsten [The Flower], Svanen [The Swan] or Oeko-Tex to be extra sure that the clothes do not have dangerous chemicals.