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Smoking ban on train platforms

Rail operator DSB will become completely smoke free from July 2014

May 17th, 2013 10:07 am| by admin

Smoking will be banned at all train stations including train platforms from July 2014, rail operator DSB stated in a press release yesterday.

“The decision to make DSB smoke free was made to accommodate the many requests from our customers as well as to follow the general pattern at other public and private businesses to provide smoke-free areas,” DSB’s commercial director, Susanne Mørch Koch, said. “There are currently smoking bans in most public spaces including trains, planes, hospitals and most public buildings.”

According to a DSB survey from 2012, 70 percent of non-smokers want to ban smoking on platforms or establish areas especially for smoking, while smokers are increasingly warming to the idea of a smoking ban at train stations.

DSB will become completely smoke free after July 2014, meaning that staff will not be permitted to smoke while at work.

From August, DSB said they will offer their staff free courses to help them stop smoking.