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Survey: More than one in four high school students suffers from depression

Online survey also revealed that many receive anti-depressants from the doctor despite Sundhedsstyrelsen’s recommendation

April 13th, 2012 1:15 pm| by admin

An online survey conducted by online magazine P1 Dokumentar showed that more than one in four high school students possibly suffer from depression. Twelve percent of the survey respondents suffer from an actual depression, while 14 percent showed signs of depression. Overall, 26.7 percent of the students gave responses that indicated they should seek medical advice for a possible depression. 

According to the survey, 34 students – some three percent of the respondents – reported that they are taking anti-depressant pills. Of those, 40 percent reported that they had been prescribed the anti-depressant by their general practitioner. 

The national board of health, Sundhedsstyrelsen, indicated that out of some 2,800 young users of anti-depressants in 2010, more than half had the anti-depressant prescribed by their doctor. However, Sundhedsstyrelsen emphasised that children and young people, as a rule, should not be treated with anti-depressants as they are more prone to have suicidal tendencies than adults. The health board also added that only child psychiatrists should be administering anti-depressants to children and youths.

The depression questionnaire, which consisted of ten questions, covered 1,129 students from ten high schools across the country.