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NATO investing in Bornholm radar upgrade

Radar key in monitoring airspace activity in the Baltic Sea arena

The radar has a range of 470km … for now (photo: Forsvaret)
June 4th, 2018 2:29 pm| by Christian W

According to the Danish Air Force, NATO has decided to invest in an upgrade of the military radar on Bornholm over the next couple of years.

With a range radius of 470 km, the radar is a key proponent of NATO’s monitoring of  aviation activity in the Baltic Sea area.

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Watching the Russians
The radar on Bornholm is one of three used for monitoring airtraffic in Denmark – the other two being on Skagen and Skrydstrup.

The installation is important because it warns the military if a Russian military aircraft is approaching the airspace of Denmark and other NATO members.

The radar is funded by NATO, but it is manned by Danish military personnel.