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Never mind Brexit! Viv breaks it

In the immortal words that have inspired the Crazy Christmas Cabaret team for nearly 40 years, the show must go on!

Vivienne McKee (left), trooper and legend (photo: Thomas Petri)
November 26th, 2019 2:12 pm| by Ben Hamilton

The recent political shenanigans in the UK play a huge part in ‘The Three Brexiteers’, the latest instalment of the Crazy Christmas Cabaret, a show that has been running every festive period in Copenhagen since the early 1980s.

According to Vivienne McKee’s script, the 16th century French protagonists are seeking to take Brittany out of France, as opposed to Britain out of Europe.

But they hadn’t banked on their creator fashioning an even bigger twist with a Brexit of her own – or should that be a ‘breaks it’.

Unlucky fall
In the Saturday matinee performance, McKee fell on stage at Glassalen in Tivoli, but valiantly continued after receiving medical attention from the resident nurse – not just to complete the show, but to perform another later that day wrapped in a bandage.

It wasn’t until the curtain had fallen that she could rush off to A&E where it was discovered that she had broken her wrist, which was promptly put in plaster.

Master of disguise
Accordingly, her characters’ roles will have to be rewritten for future performances to make reference to her plastered-up wrist – or will they?

No, because costumer Kirsten Brink has cunningly adjusted all of McKee’s costumes to disguise the plastercast. It’s all worthy of the Scarlet Pimpernel himself (although that is the wrong century!)

With over four weeks left to go in the run, it’s back to business as usual, although you can say with some certainty that nobody will be saying “Break a leg” to McKee in a hurry.