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Party's on under the motorway bridge

(Photo: Jamel Sundoo)

July 9, 2014

by Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk

Drum ‘n’ bass under a motorway bridge. It doesn’t get any better – one of the indisputable highlights of the summer, year in year out. Credits to the Bas Under Buen (Ohoi!) crew.

Bas Under Buen

Bispeengbuen, Frederiksberg; Sat 12 July, 15:00; free adm 

(Photo: Mike Danenberg)

The 1990s teeny boppers out there will be delighted they’re ‘back’, the rest of us not so much. Nick Carter & co will be in Copenhagen melting a new generation of teenage hearts almost 18 years after their debut album in 1996.

Backstreet Boys

Ballerup Super Arena; Thu 10 July, 19:00; 390kr 

(Photo: Sharyn Morrow)

A bit of a hit or miss this one; three international artists at the crossroads between avant rock and free jazz. Quite curious as to what it will end up sounding like. 

Brian Chippendale, Massimo Pupillo, Mats Gustafsson 
CPH Jazzhouse; Mon 11 July, 19:00; 120kr 

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