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Strøm's headliner is très bon

(Photo: Andrew de Francesco)

August 10, 2014

by Allan Mutuku-Kortbæk

The growing popularity of electronic music is evident everywhere – from festivals to the sounds that light up our bars and discos. 

But there was a time before the heyday of electronic music: a period of adolescence during which the genre was characterised as being rebellious thanks to often boundary-pushing properties, as it aimed to break the stranglehold grip that other genres such as pop and rock had on the music market. 

This was a time during which only the most ardent of music fans had heard of bands such as Bonobo, a pre and after-party specialist whose music is at its most innate state when listened to on a sunny, isolated beach where only the waves of the sea and the sands of the shore can absorb its endless and enduring qualities. 

Having been on the scene since the turn of the millennium, the music of Simon Green is known and appreciated for its trippy, downtempo properties: a circumnavigation through the sub-genres of chillwave, trip-hop and electronica that sounds like the soundtracks of old romantic films played in reverse with percussive strokes of genius in place of vocals. 

Copenhagen’s Strøm festival (August 11-17 –  among the other headliners is Spain’s John Talabot) is as apt a setting as any for Bonobo to share his musical ethos, and while there will be many good bands to choose from during the event, this is probably the pick of the lot. 

Vega; Tue 12 Aug, 21:00; 180kr (part of the Strøm festival)