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This week's date: July 12

On this date in 1564, Danish ships defeated Sweden in a battle just off the coast of Germany

The Swedes were outmaneuvered by the Danes for a change (photo: Colourbox)

July 12, 2014

by Jessica Wells

On this date in 1564 during the Northern Seven Years War, a battle between the naval forces of Denmark-Norway and Sweden took place near the German coastal town of Warnemünde.

After several hours of fighting, three Danish ships defeated the Swedish ship Hvita Falk, which Captain Björnson later blew up himself. Even today, a Swede would rather die than be cornered by a Dane. Unfortunately for Björnson, two of his crew survived.

The Northern Seven Years War ended with the Treaty of Stessing being signed in December 1570. Neither party gained new territory, the Kalmar Union was dissolved and thousands of lives, both military and civilian, had been lost. 

The hatred between Sweden and Denmark increased, particularly as Sweden went on to become one of the greatest military powers in Europe, which turned out to be bad news for Denmark the next time they met on the battlefield.

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