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Two thirds of drink drivers know they're drunk

Traffic safety group shocked by survey results

Over 4,000 convicted drink drivers were surveyed (Photo: Colourbox)

July 11, 2014

by Philip Tees

A new study reveals that more than 60 percent of drink drivers are aware that they are over the limit when they get behind the wheel, Jyllands-Posten reports.

The study put the question to over 4,000 convicted drink drivers taking compulsory driving lessons after losing their licence. Some 66 percent answered that they knew they had drunk too much.

Michelle Laviolette, a project leader at the traffic safety organisation Rådet for Sikker Trafik, told Jyllands-Posten that she was shocked by the findings. "It surprises me. We know 96 percent of Danes are against drink driving, so this figure is completely crazy in my view," she said.

The study also revealed that 13 percent of the arrests took place during the driver’s journey home from work. "That's almost more surprising," Laviolette said.

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25 to life.

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