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Style, comfort and an ideal location for 'luxury bohemians'

Photo: brochner-hotels.dk

August 2, 2014

by Philip Tees

Are you a ‘luxury bohemian’? I didn’t realise I was until I stayed at Hotel SP34. The hotel’s name is an abbreviation of its address, Sankt Peders Stræde 34, but the surrounding area influences more than just the neon sign above the door.

SP34 is situated in Copenhagen’s Latin Quarter, a neighbourhood teeming with life at almost all times of the day and night. There are fashionable bars, cafés and restaurants dotted everywhere.  An inspiring array of shops, catering to wildly different tastes and lifestyles, line the streets. The area is urban, but in a uniquely inclusive, tolerant and ‘Copenhagen’ kind of way.

The hotel is decorated and furnished in an impeccable Scandinavian style with a rustic edge. Perfectly smooth, richly coloured walls run abruptly into bare concrete, reflecting the contrasts of the neighbourhood.

Located for business and pleasure
The ‘luxury bohemian’ target market encompasses business travellers, conference participants and tourists. For all of them, it is hard to think of a more convenient location. Central Station is a short walk away, as is Nørreport Metro station and bus stops served by several routes. Tourists are just a hundred metres from the pulsing town hall square, where they can sit on Hans Christian Andersen’s lap then cross the street to visit Tivoli or start a walk along the main shopping street, Strøget. Not to mention the trendy treats offered by the Latin Quarter.

On arrival, we experienced what the hotel calls ‘wine hour’. Each afternoon guests are invited to the hotel bar for a free glass of wine. The decor of the lobby is luxurious in a very Scandinavian way. A designer minimalist bicycle stands on a ledge, to be admired as a work of art. We sat below a ceiling of skylight windows watching the clouds go by.

Wine. Dine. Repeat
The hotel has two restaurants attached to it: Bar Moritz, a Spanish-inspired eatery, and Cocks and Cows, an upmarket burger restaurant. We dined at Bar Moritz. Continuing the theme of relaxed luxury, the restaurant is unpretentious and laid-back, without compromising on quality. The service was extremely friendly and helpful, but could have benefited from some extra hands at times.

The style is tapas with authentic Spanish delicacies of the highest quality. We shared a meat platter, fried shrimp and lamb chops with spiced aubergine. For dessert we had spiced strawberries and a delicious chocolate ganache with salt and olive oil. There is an extensive wine menu from which we chose an aperitif of cava, a wonderfully round pinot noir and a sweet desert wine.

Comfortably stylish room
We stayed in a ‘superior double’ room on the third floor with a massive bay of floor-to-ceiling windows along the length of one of the walls. The colours were muted. The lamps were steampunk in style with the glowing element visible through what looked like mouth-blown glass bulbs. The hotel offers free wifi for work or play.

The wall of windows offered a seemingly soundproof screen from the hustle and bustle of the lively streets below – a perfect retreat for a tired traveller. The bed was supremely comfortable and I awoke refreshed and ready to enjoy the organic continental breakfast included in the room price.

The hotel aims to make “quality-conscious guests” feel at home. With its blend of comfort, style and quality food and drinks, SP34 definitely succeeds. It made me feel as though I was at a more expensive and tastefully decorated version of home.

Sankt Peders Stræde 34, Cph K; double room from 1,295.00 kr; Tel.+45 33 95 77 77, sp34@brochner-hotels.dk; brochner-hotels.dk

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