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Shillington stepping down as head of McDonald's Denmark

Marketing boss Joachim Knudsen to take over

Stephen Shillington moves on (Photo: AmCham)

August 15, 2014

by Ray Weaver

Stephen Shillington has to stepped down as the managing director of McDonald’s Denmark to take on a new leadership role in McDonald's North West Division based in London. He also stopped as the chairman of the board at the American Chamber of Commerce in Denmark (AmCham) but will continue on as VP of McDonald's Nordic.

Joachim Knudsen will take over as the new managing director of McDonald’s Denmark. He has been in charge of marketing at the company since 2010. Knudsen said that his new management team will be made up of employees brought to the front lines almost exclusively from within McDonald’s own ranks.

“I am taking on an exciting position,” Knudsen said in a statement. “It has been a pleasure to work with Stephen. Under his leadership, we were voted the best place to work for three consecutive years.”

Hard to let go
Knudsen said that he hoped to continue Shillington’s strong financial results.

Shillington, in his new role, will coordinate business strategy between the Nordic and Northwest Divisions (the Nordic countries plus the UK, Ireland and Germany). 

"I've had some exciting years in Denmark and have really come to know the country,” he said. "Although it is sad to let go of the reins, both at McDonald's Denmark and as the head of AmCham, I can take a lot of with me that I can use in my international work.”

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Shillington wished Knudsen and his team the best and said he felt comfortable that there was a strong team in place at McDonald’s Denmark.

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