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TV this week: Robbie's very much alive, despite the pipe and slippers

A night in with Robbie Williams (DR3, Sat 18:50)

Still going strong at the age of 40, but maybe he should give the pole-dancing a rest (Photo: Wikipedia)

August 22, 2014

by Jessica Wells

Actor James Corden (Gavin & Stacey) gives pop star Robbie Williams a tongue-in-cheek grilling in this revealing 2011 documentary.

The singer talks life, love, impending fatherhood and music as well as performing acoustic versions of some of his songs from the Take the Crown album, including the annoyingly catchy song ‘Candy’.

Many would call Williams a performer rather than a singer, and the unseen footage from some of his intimate gigs certainly highlights the tempo and entertainment his shows provide. 

The interview also looks at Robbie’s past, going back to his first taste of performing at the age of 13, all the way through Take That to his new-found success.

There’s not much gossip, but he does talk frankly about his struggles and successes and the recent Progress tour with his old band.

Despite his success – 17 BRIT awards, over 57 million album sales worldwide and the title of album-artist of the millennium by Media Control – he is also Marmite. You either love him or hate him. 

Also New: 

DR1, Wed. 21:00 XinXin og de forabte indvandere (Photo: DR)

Regular readers will probably be familiar with the presenter of the new Danish series XinXin og de fortabte indvandrere (DR1, Wed 21:00), a Chinese expat with some pretty damning opinions on Danish education. Who said the Danes couldn’t take criticism?

Also under the cosh this week are the repercussions of arranged weddings in the compelling 2014 BBC doc Forced to Marry.

Star-gazer Brian Cox, complete with careful hair, has his eyes set on our planet for a change in all five episodes of Wonders of Life (DR2, Sat-Wed 18:30).

And all our eyes will be glued to the screen as The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (8.3 on IMDB) considers how the controversial hacktivist’s life came to a premature end at the tender age of 26.

Elsewhere, we’ve got season two of Mrs Brown’s Boys (SVT1, Mon 22:35), Hotel Hell (TV2, Wed 23:15) and Mistresses (K4, Mon 21:55), season three of Hart of Dixie (K4, Mon 21:00) and season ten of Grey’s Anatomy (K4, Mon 20:00); and another chance to see The Story of Film (SVT2, Fri 23:45), all of The Mystery of Edwin Drood (SVT2, Sat 10:05 & 13:35) and the US version of Prime Suspect (K4, Sat 23:05). (BH)

Coming Soon: The Honorable Woman 

Ahhh! They've even got his and hers haircuts 

The top rated show on Metacritic this summer is The Honorable Woman (82), which topically brings the Israeli-Palestine conflict onto the small screen.

The heir to a weapons company (Maggie Gyllenhaal) strives for reconciliation, but she is quickly sabotaged. Well, what are the chances!

“Politically charged, laden with foreign intrigue and family secrets, the series is, in short, magnificient,” praises the Washington Post, while the  Daily Telegraph found Gyllenhaal  “mesmerising”. (FP)

Sport of the week 

Eurosport, all week from Sat 19:00 Vuelta a Espana

A busy week for sport as the last majors of the tennis and cycling world – the US Open and Vuelta a España kick off. And don’t forget the F1 Belgian GP, Diamond League athletics (SVT2, Sun 18:00 & Thu 20:00) and Bayer Leverkusen vs FCK in the Champions League (3+, Wed 19:30). (BH)

Film of the week 

SVT2, Fri 21:45 Take Shelter

It’s funny how quickly Michael Shannon became the kind of actor you watch in anything. Take Shelter  – another nutjob role – is the highest rated recent film on this week, followed by the intriguing Mammoth, disappointing Contagion (TV2, Sat 21:00) and Cinema Verite, and tiresome Tower Heist (TV3, Sun 21:00). (BH)


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