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'Oddset Janni' shocked by prison sentence

The former model will have to spend one year and three months behind bars after she tricked an old man for a million kroner

There's also so much about law that Oddset Janni doesn't understand (Photo: Scanpix)

December 19, 2013

by AJ

Janni Christensen, the busty blonde who was the former face of booking site Oddset, was sentenced to one year and three months in prison on Wednesday for bilking a sick old man of his money.

"I'm shocked," Chistensen told Ekstra Bladet tabloid. "Maybe I won't have to do time for that long, but still, I don't want to go to prison."

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The Eastern High Court found Christensen and her father, Allan Thomsen, guilty of fraud for spending a million kroner of a sick old man and of trying to sell his house for 2.4 million kroner. Thomsen was also sentenced to one year and three months.

The pair was also found guilty of selling the man's car and spending money on his credit card without involving him, but was cleared of charges of doping him before he died of natural causes three years ago.

The vital proof against Christensen were sound recordings of her bragging to her ex about how she robbed the old man of his fortune. She attempted to explain away the recordings in court by claiming she was just trying to impress her ex-husband.

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Christensen rose to fame when she appeared in Oddset commercials on TV, in which she played a ditzy blonde who couldn't figure out complicated football jargon.

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