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Pirate Bay supporters plan 'Twitterstorm' for jailed founder

As hacker prepares to return to court tomorrow, online activists lend their support

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg will reappear in Frederiksberg City Court tomorrow (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

January 7, 2014

by Justin Cremer

Supporters of jailed hacker Gottfrid Svarholm Warg, who is being held in a Køge prison, will be carrying out an online campaign today to bring more attention to the Pirate Bay founder’s plight. 

The supporters are calling for a ‘Twitterstorm’ tonight beginning at 9pm CET, with the goal that public pressure will lead to Warg being “treated fairly and humanely”. 

“According to Anakata’s [Warg’s online alias] attorney, he has been held in isolation at times inside the Danish prison,” the ‘Free Anakata’ group wrote on Tumblr. “This was not ordered by any judge, but imposed by prison services, [which] cited a law used to punish violent offenders and terrorists. We find the conditions in which Anakata is being held totally unacceptable. He is not a terrorist, nor is he violent in any way.”

The Copenhagen Post spoke with Warg’s lawyer, Luise Høj, and will post an interview with her later today. 

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Compared treatment to Breivik
The ‘Free Anakata’ group has previously drawn attention to Warg’s imprisonment by comparing his treatment to that received by convicted mass murderer Anders Breivik in Norway. Breivik, who killed 77 people, is allowed to enrol in courses remotely at the University of Oslo while Warg, who has not been convicted by a Danish court, is held in isolation and denied reading material. 

Warg founded The Pirate Bay, a peer-to-peer torrent file sharing site, in 2003. In 2009, he was found guilty in Sweden of facilitating the dissemination of copyrighted material. Supporters of Warg position him as a political activist who has collaborated with WikiLeaks and aided in the leak of a video from Chelsea Manning that showed an American aircraft opening fire on a group of civilians in Baghdad.

“Gottfrid has never stopped fighting for what he believes in, which is a free internet without restriction or censorship, ’S.A.’, an activist working on the ‘Free Anakata’ campaign, told The Copenhagen Post. “Although he has been [vilified] by the media as a hacker, he is much more than that. He is an innovative thinker and his work prior to detainment has made positive impacts upon the internet community.”

Back in court tomorrow
Warg was extradited to Denmark from Sweden in November and was charged with illegally disrupting public systems, illegally collecting data and destroying property. The hacker is accused of stealing social security numbers from the Danish driving licence database operated by the IT firm CSC. On December 18, Frederiksberg City Court ruled that Warg was to spend an additional three weeks behind bars. He is due to appear in court tomorrow. 

Warg is pleading not guilty to the charges he faces in Denmark. It is unknown if Warg will be formally presented charges tomorrow in court. 

A petition to improve Warg’s jail conditions has gathered around 1,200 signatures. 

Instructions for this evening’s ‘Twitterstorm’ will be delivered on @free_anakata@free_anakata1 and @YourAnonNews an hour before the campaign begins.

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