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S-trains among the world's best

DSB's S-train network is one of the world's most punctual and efficient suburban rail networks

S-Trains are reliable by global standards (Photo: Colourbox)

January 20, 2014

by PS

Frustrated commuters might not believe their ears: DSB S-trains are one of the highest-ranking commuter rail networks in the world.

According to a study carried out ISBeRG – an association of 14 suburban rail networks on five continents – S-trains are the third most punctual and second most effective.

DSB spends 93 kroner for every kilometre its trains travel, which is a third of the international average, and uses half the energy per passenger than the average.

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Among the best
“It’s good to know that we are among the best in relation to comparable rail networks, but it doesn’t mean that we can rest on our laurels, we need to get even better.” DSB head of operations, Anders Egehus, told Politiken newspaper.

He added that the company could do more to improve its punctuality.

“When we stop at stations, it’s vital that we get passengers on and off as quickly as possible if we are to keep to the schedule. Other companies have had success telling customers who are waiting on platforms how full the carriages of the next train are, so they can move to where there is space. We are also in the process of removing the old departure boards with new electronic signage. They will show the same information as before, but will also allow us to inform customers about how full the trains are,” Egehus said.

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Private organisation
ISBeRG is owned and run by its member rail networks from around the world, including New York, Melbourne, London, Hong Kong and Sao Paulo.

The organisation is private, however, and was established to help rail networks share information in order to improve service.

According to Politiken, members can only publish their own results, and it is currently unknown which rail networks beat DSB to the top spots.

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