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Miranda, Bletchley Circle, Eastbound and Down, Planet Dinosaur, Earth's Bare Skin, Dance Moms, American Guns, Fargo, Liverpool, Chelsea, the Guard, Slumdog Millionaire, Bad Ass, Machete

Miranda, SVT1, Sun 21:45

April 25, 2014

by Emily Shaw

Miranda Hart’s quirky comedy is finally coming to Denmark via her self-titled, semi-autobiographical show.  

An offshoot of the Brit’s radio show, Miranda Hart’s Joke Shop, the TV series has proven quite popular since debuting in 2009. 

Previously described as a 185cm comedian who’s been called ‘sir’ more times than she’d like to admit, Hart has cast herself as a 30-something screw-up. Lacking a ‘proper’ job, boyfriend or husband, she doesn’t fit in with her friends and is a constant disappointment to her overbearing mother.  

Instead of pursuing the traditional career path expected of her upper-middle class background, she strikes out on her own to run a joke shop. The series follows her general failure to comply with the societal expectations of what it means to ‘be a grown up’ and is perhaps most entertaining when Miranda goes on ill-fated, cringe-worthy dates.

Although you may want to shake her at times, Miranda is a loveable character delivered by one of Britain’s best-loved female comedians. Tune in and embrace the awkward.

Also new:


SVT1, Sun 21:00 Bletchley Circle 

This week brings the second series premiere of Bletchley Circle , a fictional crime drama that features four former WWII codebreakers who reunite a decade after the war to solve murder cases. 

Also debuting its second series is over-the-top comedy Eastbound and Down (SVT2, Tue 22:45). An unconventional sitcom – if the main character, Danny McBride as a washed-up, retired baseball star teaching high school PE, has a comic flaw, he hides it very well – the show will appeal to anyone who likes Will Ferrell movies. He is, after all, the producer. 

If you prefer your entertainment with a side of academia, look instead for the documentaries Planet Dinosaur (SVT2, Mon 18:00) and Earth’s Bare Skin (SVT2, Thu 18:00), to learn about t-rexes and volcanoes respectively. 

Too high-brow? Dumb it down with some good old American reality TV, namely the Dance Moms documentary (K4, Sun 23:00) and the short-lived American Guns (K6, Mon 19:00).

Coming Soon:

The Coen Brothers’ warped homage to their home state Minnesota started with a lie, “This is a true story”, and ended in bucketfulls of success. Only Fargo didn’t really end there. 

Writer-producer Noah Hawley has let the film inspire him to create a crime drama of the same name and, if you trust pretty much everybody, excellence. 

An extraordinary cast (Martin Freeman, Billy Bob Thornton) and brutal violence amidst the snow-clad ‘Minnesota nice’ will make you forget to even wonder whodunit. (AS)

Sport of the Week:

TV3 Sport 2, Sun 15:05 Premier League: Liverpool vs Chelsea (Photo: Scanpix)

Must make some feel old to know that Liverpool are three years shy of equalling the wait Man United endured for the 1993 league title. In 1992, Liverpool denied them at Anfield – can Chelsea do it on Sunday and let Man City slip in?

TV3 Sport 2, Sun 17:05 Premier League: Crystal Palace vs Manchester City (Photo: Scanpix)

Eurosport all week 2014 World Snooker Championship (until May 5) (Photo: Colourbox)

Elsewhere, the compelling snooker continues, hopefully with more last-frame deciders. (BH)

Film of the Week:

TV2 Film, Sat 17:35 The Guard (Photo: Scanbox/Premium)

TV3+, Mon 21:00 Bad Ass

TV3+, Mon 22:45 Machete 

In The Guard, an Irish policeman meets an uptight FBI agent to create a fine black comedy. For an even greater culture shock, move east where the Oscar-winning Slumdog Millionaire (DR3, Sun 14:45) resides. If you have to choose, skip Bad Ass for Machete, although a Danny Trejo double bill might prove tempting. (AS)