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Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Saturday Night Live, The Office, Hello Ladies, Eastenders, Ripper Street, Good Christian Bitches, South Riding, Which Way Is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington, Rat Pack: A Conference of Cool, Mr Sloane, Black Knight, Mr Nice, Loosies

Adam Samberg’s a happy prankster while Stephen Merchant is an unhappy ...

June 13, 2014

by Lawrence Shanahan

Andy Samberg vehicle Brooklyn Nine-Nine, featuring the Saturday Night Live star as an immature yet successful NYPD detective, is a mix between your average detective drama and The Office. The plot revolves around the friction between Samberg‘s prankster detective (when he finally wears a tie to work he doesn’t wear trousers) and his uptight captain.

With two Golden Globes to its name (best show and actor), it was the foreign media’s top US comedy of 2013, but with just 70 on Metacritic, not necessarily the US critics’ favourite. 

Speaking of The Office, its co-writer Steve Merchant has branched off alone with Hello Ladies (7.6 on IMDB), a sitcom he has developed out of his stand-up routine about being an utter disaster with women.

Sexually-deprived Englishman Stuart Pritchard (Merchant) cruises around the City of Angels in his limousine, wearing a fancy suit and hollering (you guessed it) “Hello, ladies!” at every passing group of girls. Believe it or not, he has little luck with this approach, but it definitely gets him into some hilarious rejection situations. 

3+, Sat 21:00 (repeated Sun 18:00) & DR3, Sun 22:50

Also new: 

DR2, Tue 21:00 Which Way Is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington

A storm is brewing at BBC Entertainment, a channel that has turned showing multiple repeats into an art form.

For years, it has been involved in a stealth war with viewers of its most popular series, Eastenders, frequently changing screening times, showing it when everyone is at work, cancelling episodes and citing stats about it being unpopular despite it being impossible to accurately measure niche audiences! And now it has scrapped it altogether.

Persuading a channel to reinstate an ongoing series is easier than getting one uncancelled, as the fans of BBC crime drama Ripper Street (DR3, Sat 20:30) and US dramedy Good Christian Bitches (K4, Sun 11:30) have found out. And now both, plus UK miniseries South Riding (SVT2, Mon 16:45), are being shown for a second time.

Elsewhere, the biopic Which Way Is the Front Line from Here? The Life and Times of Tim Hetherington is an acclaimed doc about an Oscar-nominated journalist killed in Libya, while the 2002 doc Rat Pack: A Conference of Cool (DRK, Thu 22:45) is a little underwhelming – given that they’ve all been dead since 2007, you would have guessed that something more incendiary would have come out by now. (BH)


Coming Soon:

And you thought this was about sloane rangers?

He was too busy swatting to see the ‘60s were swinging

There’s no Simon Pegg in sight, as his chubby sidekick Nick Frost takes on the role of Mr Sloane, a new British comedy series that takes place in the 1960s, but without the swinging. 

Sloane is a middle-aged, overweight, up-tight substitute teacher who doesn’t seem to have realised that the decade of revolution has arrived, as he shows up to colourful dance halls wearing a dull grey suit and a clip-on tie.

The new show scored an 8.0 on IMDB, while the Guardian found it “funny but not essential". (LS)

Sport of the week:

TV2, Sat 23:50 2014 World Cup: England vs Italy (Photo: scanpix)

Aliens, Antarcticans, Americans, if you’re new to football, England vs Italy is not recommended for novices (Sat 23:50). A better suggestion might be Spain vs Netherlands or Germany vs Portugal (TV2, Mon 18:00), which should be a corker. Either that or you can knock yourself out with Le Mans. (BH)

TV2, Fri 20:00 2014 World Cup: Spain vs Netherlands (Photo: Scanpix)

TV2, Sat 14:00 Le Mans (Photo: Scanpix)

Film of the week:

K5, Sun 13:20
Black Knight 

DR2, Sat 23:55
Mr Nice

TV3, Sat 00:00

Who doesn’t like a bad movie – so unintentionally horrible there are sniggers to be had in every line. Black Knight, in which Martin Lawrence’s medieval themepark employee wakes up in 14th century England, is one such gem. Elsewhere, Mr Nice is the British Blow, and Loosies just blows. (BH)