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Surrogates, au pairs: what's the difference?

Theatre Grob, Nørrebrogade 37, Cph N; June 20-21; 40-80kr

"Made in India: notes from a baby farm", a mixture of theatre, documentary and debate (Photo: Miriam Nielsen)

June 19, 2014

by Asli Bankaci

To what extent can love and affection be bought? How much is too far when it comes to getting poor third world citizens involved? Is it always a win-win situation?  

Made in India: Notes from a baby farm owes a lot to sociologist Amrita Pande’s lengthy research into commercial surrogacy in her hometown in India. 

Probing the complex relationship between the surrogate mother, the baby and the infertile couple, it is a mixture of theatre, documentary and debate. 

Focusing on the journey of the Indian women involved, both the surrogate mother and the new parents’ point of view are presented.  

During the two-hour play, Pande herself is one of the performers, telling the story behind the research, presenting documents and videos, and later answering questions from the audience. 
Focusing on a contemporary issue that is relatively controversial, the aim is to raise awareness and enlighten.

Ditte Maria Bjerg, the director of the performance, says that “this outsearching of care can be seen in a more subtle version in our daily lives: au pair migration”. 
For many of us, this will be a part of our daily lives that we haven’t even thought about before. 

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