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Victorious in vesterbro: Larry's leading the citizenship charge

(Photo: Fanny Marlier)

June 21, 2014

by Fanny Marlier

Over 50 internationals met up at the City Police Station on Halmtorvet on Monday to apply for Danish citizenship.

Earlier this month, parliament passed a law to permit dual citizenship from 2015.

“Everybody feels really great today,” said event organiser Larry Feinberg (right: on the picture below), an American who had campaigned for eight years for dual citizenship.

“It was profoundly important to these people that they didn’t have to give up their citizenship of their own country. That’s giving up a part of yourself.” One of them was Ann Groner, a US citizen who has lived in Denmark for 31 years. “I am politically active in Denmark and I want to vote here, but I would have never given up my US citizenship,” she said.

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