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New Copenhagen cycle bridge opens for business

Elsewhere, Dragør and Tårnby to become part of cycle superhighway network

Adjacent to Langebro Bridge, Lille Langebro is Copenhagen’s latest infrastructure jewel (photo: Københavns Kommune)
July 2nd, 2019 9:40 am| by Christian W

Copenhagen’s waterfront landscape has changed quite a bit in recent years thanks to new bridges and development projects in areas such as Sydhavn and Refshaleøen.

Well, city dwellers could scratch up another fresh feature yesterday afternoon as a new cycle and pedestrian bridge, Lille Langebro, opened for traffic at 14:00.

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A bridge none too far
“Lille Langerbo is a lovely gift for the city and it will become a major asset to Copenhagen. The bridge provides a safe and quick link across the harbour, and it will attract the crowds like our other cycle bridges,” said Karina Vestergård Madsen, the city’s acting deputy mayor for technical and environmental issues.

(photo: Københavns Kommune)

The bridge, aptly named due to its close proximity to the ‘old’ Langebro Bridge, will become part of the green Amager Route cycle highway and is expected to serve some 10,500 cyclists and pedestrians on a daily basis.

It is also believed the new bridge will help generate more life along the wharf by the Royal Library, BLOX and Kalvebod Bølge.

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Super cycling news
In related news, the cycle superhighway network in the capital region now has 26 member municipalities following the news that Tårnby and Dragør have signed up.

It has not been decided where the new cycle links will be located, and it will take a few years before the first route becomes a reality.

The Copenhagen area’s cycle superhighway network currently consists of about 750 km of cycle paths along 45 different routes with an aim to encourage more people to drop the car when commuting to work.

Read more about the cycle superhighways here (in English).

The superhighway network includes about 750 km of cycle paths stretching out as far as Frederikssund (photo: