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New course set! 2020 budget unveiled

Government comes through on several key election promises

The reds have taken charge for real now (photo: Facebook/Pernille Skipper)
December 3rd, 2019 10:22 am| by Christian W

Following days of gruelling negotiations with allied parties, the government finally unveiled its 2020 budget last night.

In co-operation with Radikale, Socialistisk Folkeparti, Alternativet and Enhedslisten, the Socialdemokratiet-led government agreed to a number of initiatives encompassing areas of education, health, children, green transition and free Danish lessons for foreign workers.

“We ensure there are funds for 1,000 more nurses. We will introduce minimum limits for our children, boost efforts to help people with psychological disorders and, as opposed to the previous government, we will invest in education,” said the finance minister, Nicolai Wammen.

“And then it is a very green budget, which is the first step towards ensuring a sustainable future for the coming generations.”

The key aspects of the 2020 budget are:

– Ushering in minimum limits on the adult to child ratio in daycare and kindergarten institutions so that there will be at least one adult per three children in daycare and one adult per six kids in kindergarten by 2025. By 2025, 1.6 billion kroner will be set aside annually.

– The area of psychological health will be given a 600 million kroner facelift annually to improve conditions for people suffering from disorders and employing an additional 1,000 nurses.

– Public school will be given more funds, rising by 275 million kroner in 2020 to about 800 million kroner in 2023. That will give municipalities the opportunity to hire more teachers. Additionally, the contentious education ceiling – which restricted people from getting a state-funded higher education if they had already completed a state-funded higher education at the same or lower level at any previous time in their lives, will also be scrapped next year.

– Funds will be set aside to turn agriculture land into nature and a new fund, to be named ‘Denmark’s Green Future Fund’, will be established to invest in sustainable projects. Also, the plans to increase fees on electric cars from next year have also been dropped.

– On the immigration side of things, foreign workers will no longer have to pay to take Danish lessons and money has been set aside to take in 500 quota refugees next year. Danes and foreigners returning home to Denmark will not have to have been in Denmark for seven out of the past 12 years to get social benefits. And foreigners who have been in employment for at least two years should have an easier time remaining in Denmark. The government wants border controls to continue.

– The price of cigarettes will increase to 55 kroner next year, and further rise to 60 kroner in 2022.

In order to finance all the changes, the government will:

– Triple the fee for plastic bags and disposable cutlery

– Tax reductions on free work phones is axed

– Higher estate and inheritance tax

– Real estate transfer tax to be increased

– Higher taxes on betting and online casino

– Reintroducing registration fees on airplanes

– Scrapping parental apartments

– Tightening up taxation of leased company cars