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New Frederiksberg parking rules flooding Valby with cars

Copenhagen Municipality looking to push communter cars further out of the city

Frederikberg’s new parking rules a bane forValby (photo: iStock)
June 14th, 2016 1:22 pm| by Christian W

Following the decision by Frederiksberg Municipality to establish new parking regulations, neighbouring Copenhagen districts such as Valby have seen a massive surge in parked cars.

Parking spaces have become increasingly difficult to find in the areas located near Metro and train stations in Valby.

“In this situation, it looks as if the citizens are suffering because Frederiksberg has set up paid parking across the entire municipality, and I won’t reject the possibility of establishing paid parking in this area too,” Morten Kabell, Copenhagen’s deputy mayor of technical and environmental issues, told Valby Bladet.

“I won’t accept Frederiksberg pushing the problem over to us.”

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Working together
Up until April 1, it had been possible to park in Frederiksberg Municipality for free for 24 hours. But it was then changed so that free parking only included two hours. Thousands of car commuters who had previously enjoyed Frederiksberg’s favourable proximity to the the city were suddenly forced to look elsewhere for free parking.

Meanwhile, politicians in Frederkisberg are pleased that their parking efforts are bearing fruit, but they agree that they need to work with Copenhagen Municipality in order to solve the dilemma.

“We have a mutual interest in the cars being moved further out,” said Simon Aggesen, a Frederiksberg councillor.

“In this instance, it’s a challenge that Copenhagen and Frederiksberg must solve together.”

Aggesen suggested that the construction of a carpark outside the city near the train line could be a viable way forward.